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River to Lake Conservation Fund

Donate to the Bad Rock Canyon Conservation Project


Help us protect 800 acres of critical habitat along the Flathead River at a focal point of landscape connectivity, and create a new public wildlife management area.

The Flathead Lakers, together with the Flathead Land Trust and other River to Lake Initiative partners, are committing to support Montana Fish, Wildlife, and Parks raise $500,000 by the end of next year. That funding would allow us to secure state and federal grants for over $6.5 million to purchase the property.

These lands include over 1.5 mile of river, 80 acres of wetlands, 120 acres of cottonwood forests, and a warm spring. They are not only important for sustaining clean water, but also provide vital habitat and travel corridors for bull trout and grizzly bears, winter range for elk and moose, and a stop for hundreds of thousands of migratory birds.

Flathead River to Lake Initiative partners work with interested landowners to conserve and restore our Flathead River and Lake natural heritage – excellent water quality, outstanding scenic and recreation values, abundant fish and wildlife, and prime farmland.

Since 2000, partners have protected 6,000 acres of critical lands, adding to a conservation network of nearly 12,000 acres of private and publicly protected lands.

Your donation helps R2L partners secure grants that require private match and conserve our special natural heritage. Thank you!

Learn more about the Flathead River to Lake Initiative.

Checks can be written to the "River to Lake Conservation Fund" and sent to Flathead Lakers, PO BOX 70, Polson, MT 59860.