Help conserve the natural beauty and heritage of Flathead River and Lake.

Your support helps protect some of the valley's best fish and wildlife habitat, farmland, and water quality.


Since 2000, partners have protected nearly 6,000 acres of critical lands, adding to a conservation network of over 11,000 acres of private and publicly protected lands. Your support helps protect this pristine place.

Flathead River to Lake Initiative partners work with interested landowners to conserve and restore our Flathead River and Lake natural heritage – excellent water quality, outstanding scenic and recreation values, abundant fish and wildlife, and prime farmland.

River to Lake Initiative Goals:

  • Maintain and improve water quality.
  • Protect natural floodplain functions.
  • Protect and enhance critical fish and wildlife habitat.
  • Conserve prime farmlands.
  • Maintain traditional rural and scenic character.

We partner with landowners to:

  • Protect important natural fish and wildlife habitats along the Flathead River and the north shore of Flathead Lake.
  • Share information about good stewardship practices.
  • Improve habitat and restore degraded stream and river banks.
  • Work with local communities and governments to develop and implement workable and responsible river and lake access plans.