Adopt a Secchi Disk - Flathead Lake Dip-in

Get your hands wet and contribute to great science locally and nationally!

Choose your own amount


Adopt a Secchi and dip-in to Flathead Lake to measure water clarity!

The Secchi Dip-in is a nationwide program and this year YOU can participate!

HOW: Adopt a Secchi disk and learn how to use it.

WHEN: Training opportunities in June and July. Then, dip your Secchi disk in Flathead Lake on a sunny day during July 15-20. Then, report your location and value.

WHY: To keep a watchful eye on Flathead Lake's beautiful, clear water as a community and participate in great science locally and nationally!

Adopt a Secchi Participation Options:

  • Water clarity, $40 donation - Receive a custom-made Secchi disk, training to use it, and a final report for the Flathead Lake Dip-in.
  • Water clarity, nutrients, algal biomass, & calcium, $100 donation - Includes custom-made Secchi disk and training. After you dip-in, take a water sample. Collect additional water quality information about Flathead Lake and learn more about your Flathead Lake site. Learn more about additional water testing.
  • Sponsorship, Choose your own donation amount - Support our Citizen Science Initiative and Flathead Lake water quality monitoring.
  • If you own your own Secchi disk, contact Hilary Devlin to participate.

This Citizen Science Initiative is brought to you by:

To participate or for more information, visit or contact Hilary Devlin at or 406-883-1341.